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Organising Your Garage: Get Your Garage into Shape

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to just give your garage the usual ‘spring’ clean. When clutter crowds the entire space and the area is unwelcoming and inaccessible, you know that it may be time to give it a complete overhaul.

Mark John, Head of Storage Solutions for RHP Racking, says that it is not enough to just move clutter around your garage; to free up storage space and improve the room you need to clean everything out of your garage and start again. Here are his top 5 tips for getting a garage back into shape:

  1. Start by giving your floor a deep clean, and preferably a lick of paint. But if you are considering repainting your garage floor, you want make sure you select an epoxy paint. This will resist oil stains, bead water and wipe clean easily like a kitchen counter.
  2. If you are thinking about putting up additional garage shelving, try to utilise the space which is seldom used such as near the ceiling. These areas are ideal for storing those items that you rarely use such as camping gear, outdoor Christmas decorations or lights, or for storing boxes of winter clothing.
  3. Installing garage cupboards can be a great way to increase space for paint cans, spray bottles, buckets, tools, and boxes and bags of all descriptions. Make sure you arrange your shelves by category, putting similar items together.
  4. For smaller items you should implement a system of drawers attached to shelve systems or in boxes and bins that sit on the shelves. This is an easy way to keep your garage organised and will make things easier to find.
  5. Finally, you may decide to designate a specific area as a workshop. For the home handyman there are a number of ways to control and regulate your tool situation, such as using a workbench to gain some control over the equipment and the many nuts, bolts, and screws that come with them.


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