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Starter Tips For Setting Up A Home Office

More and more people are choosing to work from home. Indeed, a recent survey showed that there was a 12% increase in productivity for at-home workers vs. their office based counterparts. But working from home poses many challenges, not least the task of striking the balance between a personal and a corporate space.

Here at RHP Racking we often speak to people who are in the process of setting up their home office – mainly as they are looking for office shelving solutions – and we regularly find ourselves giving out more than storage advice. So in light of that we thought that this week we would give you our starter tips for setting up a home office, from choosing the ideal shelving unit, to positioning your desk perfectly for optimal productivity!


1. Choose The Right Room

The most important decision you need to make is choosing the right room to base your home office out of – not all rooms are created equal. Take time to consider things like how much sound is in the room and is there enough space for everything you need?

2. Choose The Best Position For Your Desk

Choosing the positioning of your desk is very important as it isn’t a piece of furniture that you can move around very easily! One of the key things to avoid is positioning your desk behind a window, this will almost certainly give your computer screen a glare on it for the majority of your working day.

3. Choose A Chair

Forget style here, you want a chair that is going to be reliable and comfortable enough. Note ‘comfortable enough’ – you have plenty of comfortable seats in your home, make sure the one in your home office is comfortable enough to keep your mind on work as opposed to snoozing.

4. Choose Your Storage

Chances are that you aren’t going to have space for a secretary, meaning that you need flexible office shelving for every application – from storing files and paperwork, through to keeping the stationary safely stored.


We hope that these starter tips have got you thinking and, remember, when it comes to choosing your storage, we have an extensive high quality shelving unit selection right here at RHP Racking. Our storage options are available at the lowest prices available online. So check out our range here and remember, if you have any questions regarding any of our range, just pick up the phone and give one of our experts a call on 02920 23 00 00.

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