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Why Do We Need Mobile Safety Steps?

Last week at RHP Racking we finalised and chose a new range of mobile safety steps to make available to our customers as part of our range of warehouse racking systems. During our talks regarding this new range, a number of our team members began to ask why we were looking at mobile safety steps and not ladders. So we explained the reasoning and suddenly realised that, not only did most of the issues apply to workers in the warehouse, but that they could also apply to our offices and garages.

Health & Safety – Not Just For The Warehouse

We are frequently told by health and safety reports that the most common hazard in the warehouse comes from manual handling which leads to sprains and strains. Within that the two most common causes of these injuries are;

  • Activities that require bending or twisting – e.g. stacking goods at ground level on shelves or pallet racking.
  • Activities that require excessive overhead reaching – e.g. placing or retrieving items stored on high shelf levels.

But at RHP Racking we are very aware that these sort of injuries are not just limited to the warehouse. Such injuries are just as likely to occur in an office – where a worker is retrieving archive files from a high shelf – or in the home garage – where someone may be retrieving that box of Christmas decorations that have been safely stored away on the highest garage shelf possible. Both these scenarios pose a serious risk of injury if not tackled properly. So what is the most appropriate solution to reduce these types of injury?

Mobile Safety Steps vs. Ladders

A widely used piece of equipment in warehouses across of the UK are mobile safety steps. These have long been used are part of warehouse racking systems to reach goods that have been stored over 2m high. Standard ladders are considered to be an inefficient solution for a number of reasons - not least because the potential injury from a fall is much more significant simply because of design. In addition, three points of contact must be maintained when using a ladder – this is nigh on impossible when carrying archive boxes and files up and down ladders.

Mobile Safety Steps At RHP Racking

This is why we have selected a comprehensive range of mobile safety steps that are not only robust, being made of strong tubular steel, but also come in a variety of sizes and colours – meaning that there will be a set of steps to fit almost any requirement, whether you’re looking for comprehensive warehouse racking systems or a safe set of steps for your garage. Each set of mobile safety steps includes a range of safety systems to reduce slipping and other safety hazards. Taller models include spring action and foot-locks that lock the base in place when weight is applied.

Our customers’ safety is paramount to us and we have spent a great deal of time finding the best mobile safety steps available. If you have any questions about any of the steps or even just want to ask us a bit more about safety in your garage, office or warehouse - please give one of our experts a call on 02920 230 000.

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