Lockers Guide

Need new lockers but want to learn a little bit more about the different sizes, styles and colours before you make a bulk purchase? No problem. Before checking out our lockers range, check out this informative guide, collecting all the expert articles written by the team at RHP Racking. 

Locker Blogs from The RHP Team 

There are plenty of interesting and informative posts about lockers on this blog, but to make things easier for you, we’ve collected them all and presented them below:

Find the Right Lockers for Your Needs 

Whether you need added security, a specific sized locker, a flexible, stackable design or all of the above, this post will talk you through the things you should consider before buying and the locker options that are available here at RHP Racking. 

Essential Tips to Maintaining Locker Areas

From finding a place for everything to completing regular clear outs, this blog post reminds you to clean the exterior of your lockers and how to maintain the locks and hinges. And if your old lockers are well past saving, there are some handy links to some shiny new ones here too. 

Creative Colours: Using Bright Lockers in Office Design


Lockers aren’t only a practical element of your office design, they can be a stylish one too. If you would like to add a pop of colour to your boring white and grey office space, lockers in bright shades offer a non-permanent option. Read through this blog post for other top tips on how you can use lockers to make a design statement in your open-plan workspace.

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Small Lockers

Size isn’t everything and the best things come in small packages – clichéd, but very true when it comes to lockers. With all the strength and durability of their big brothers, without the space requirement, small lockers could be the solution to all your storage woes. Need more convincing? We’ve 8 reasons why you should buy small lockers in this blog post.

What Are the Best Steel Lockers for Your Employees?

Need quiet close lockers so the slamming of doors doesn’t disturb your workers or well-ventilated storage for damp or dirt covered uniforms? Well, the world’s your oyster when you buy your lockers from our selection here at RHP Racking. Check out a few more special features in this article. 

Lock It Up: The Importance of Office Lockers

If you’re not quite convinced that you need lockers in your business premises, this post may just swing it. Lockers provide improved hot-desking efficiency, convenient security and can change the way your office works for the better. Do we need to say more?

Have a Question About Lockers?

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(images: Jan-Willem Reusink and DaveBleasdale under CC BY 2.0)