Hazardous & Safety Cupboards

Safety Cabinets

Whether you’re looking for QMP steel hazardous material cupboards or first aid medical storage cabinets, we have a safe and secure option for your needs.

We understand that in certain circumstances your regular steel locker or wall cabinet won’t do. You may need something strong, lockable and even made of a certain type of material.

Here at RHP Racking we have a vast online catalogue of safety cupboards. We have ones for hazardous materials such as alkaline or acids, COSHH, pesticides, agrochemicals and much more.  

Stay Safe with RHP Racking’s Hazardous Storage Cupboards

We’re dedicated to the supply of quality and affordable storage solutions. We put our customers first and conduct business ethically to make sure we deliver you the most brilliant products for the best value-for-money prices.

If you’re interested in learning about which safety cupboards you need feel free to call us directly and talk to one of our trained employees on 02920 230000. Or order online today for fast delivery!